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    To become your last agency, we provide strategy, solutions and amplification.

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    How Mainland Launches Brands

    In front of every campaign — no matter goal or target — is the question: Why you & why now? This positioning is essential to winning. Thus, at Mainland, we begin with this discovery. This is completed through more in-depth services like Big Idea Brainstorms; Brand Assessment, Persona Study, B-to-B Sales Strategy, B-to-C Marketing Strategy, Monthly Coaching, Data & Analytics Studies.

    Within the strategy and amplification process, we have proven that when a campaign is connected across all of your storytelling target points (Website, social, digital, content, PR, and marketing — paid & owned), you have a better chance of impacting the right buyer with the right amount of impressions. Remember: Brands don’t sell brands, people do.

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    Strategy & Coaching Case Study

      How Mainland’s Strong Storytelling and Awareness Building Won The Melting Pot a Spot on Fox & Friends
      Mainland’s Stellar Strategy Boosts Franchise Growth for Latin American Chicken Brand Pollo Campero

    We’re not just writers. We’re also publishers. Now armed with the Why You, Why Now, we now create the supporting assets.

    At Mainland, that means we can take your stories and publish them in one of our custom publications alongside best-in-class journalistic reporting on the news and issues affecting specific industries, providing your stories with the same trusted, authoritative voice that has earned each of our publications a wide readership of industry professionals.

    Additional Services include:

    • Creative Services
    • Video Production
    • Social Media Management
    • Website Development

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    Content Creation Case Study

      Christmas Decor Leverages ESTATENVY to Create Content Marketing Solution for Franchise Owners
      How Mainland Positioned Sylvan Learning as a Top Education Franchise

    This is where our secret sauce gets put into play — media relations. We are confident that our team can book a higher quantity and better quality of press than any other agency. Why? Mainland was built by former journalists who know a crucial secret: Journalists hate publicists.

    Armed with the right owned asset, our media relations team secures earned media coverage to add credibility and build an audience.

    Great PR moments should happen around:

    • Franchisee Signings
    • Location Openings
    • Brand Milestones
    • Trade & National Press
    • Consumer Stories

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    PR Case Study

      With Consistent Exposure, Mainland Built Paris Baguette Brand Awareness and Secured Fox & Friends Placement
      Mainland Engineers Exceptional Media Presence for Ed-Tech Pioneer Elevate K-12

    When a story runs, it is only as good as the audience who reads it. Think about how many times you miss the news on TV? The same is true for stories. But when that story is meant to find you – it finds you. Mainland’s team of digital marketing experts will design a campaign that leverages the most applicable digital advertising tools for your campaign to maximize your marketing budget.

    Here’s the kicker: we’ve got an extra tool. Beyond traditional digital advertising resources, Mainland gives you access to AMPD, our proprietary targeting tool that allows us to take any campaign one major step further, beyond the audiences you’re already reaching, by targeting specific personas through strategic digital advertising placements.

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    Digital Marketing Case Study

      Mainland’s Full-Circle Awareness Strategy Launches Melting Pot Growth After COVID Slow-Down
      Mainland’s Comprehensive Strategy Powers Lightbridge Academy’s Franchise Development

    While we don’t believe campaigns should end (simply continue being built upon), it is important to gain an understanding of what worked and what didn’t. Insights help us improve, as well as help you better understand the ROI on the work we are performing on your behalf.

    Maybe your marketing strategy is already working. Maybe it isn’t. Either way, do you know why? Are you sure? You need to properly collect data and know how to make sense of it, which is no easy feat. That’s why Mainland has built a robust digital infrastructure around all of our marketing and communications efforts to gather troves of data, make sense of that data and adjust our strategy accordingly.

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    Analytics & Reporting Case Study

      How Mainland Leveraged Kallpod’s Partnership with Chick-fil-A to Drive Leads and Deals for the Tech Brand
      How Mainland Utilized Targeted Look-Alike Campaigns to Generate Meaningful Leads for Workout Anytime

    The Intersection of Content & Technology:
    Hello by Mainland

    At a time when many brands were scaling back operations to survive the recession, No Limit offered its clients a new and better way to put their best stories in front of new audiences and attract increasingly rare leads. That work did not go unnoticed, and No Limit quickly became one of the few emerging companies.
    And it grew a lot. Before long, No Limit Media Consulting became a full-fledged PR firm called No Limit Agency. Soon after that, No Limit introduced 1851 Franchise, a business-to-business magazine and content-marketing platform that quickly became a hub for the franchise world and a powerful marketing tool for No Limit’s clients.

    We are transforming Brand Stories and distribution

    “We started with 6 restaurants. We wanted to get the name out there, and we doubled in size in the last two years. We have 12 restaurants right now, we’ll be 15 by the end of the year… and we have 63 restaurants sold.”

    SAMIR WATTAR | Layne’s Chicken Fingers

    “Hello Mainland, the whole team, really took the time to get to know us, what we were trying to do, find our voice, and is representing us in the way that we want to be represented.”

    GUY COFFEY | Frenchies Modern Nail Care

    “More so than an extension of our team, they are a part of our team…. Whatever goals that we want to obtain, they are there to help us out…. I think that’s what makes it a special relationship. They have a vested interest in the brand.”

    MARK MELE | Edible Brands

    “Mainland has helped us grow by making us more famous, simply put…. We’ve seen an explosion of the attention that we’ve gotten, even as a regional brand.”

    JONATHAN WEATHINGTON | Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar

    We really care about our work.

    We have studied, extensively, why brands stay with an agency. We feel as if we have taken the proper steps to nail this.


    We really care about our work.

    We really care about our people.

    We have managed to find the top talent through our recruiting, our ongoing training, the implementation of Traction/EOS within our four walls, and in sustaining creativity.


    Meet the Team

    We really care about our people.

    We have managed to find the top talent through our recruiting, our ongoing training, the implementation of Traction/EOS within our four walls, and in sustaining creativity.


    We are disrupting martech.

    We have built out Mainland’s technology as a central content command center for our clients. From the connection of APIs to ease of content distribution, to dialed-in advertising into the content.


    We really care about our work.

    Creating hundreds of brand wins for these industries


    If you’ve got a marketing or communications challenge, chances are we’ve helped another brand find a solution for the same issue. We’ve collected some case studies that highlight just a few of the solutions we’ve strategized and executed for brands from a range of industries.

    Ongoing, multi-faceted coverage built brand awareness and credibility for Paris Baguette, crafting a compelling story that ultimately supported a million-plus-viewer television placement.

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    With very little resources for franchisees to position their stories to consumers, Christmas Decor franchisees use ESTATENVY to position and message their stories, building excitement in customers before they inquire.

    Read Case study

    Mainland’s incisive PR strategy and media outreach crafts a compelling narrative for Elevate K-12, spotlighting the brand as a beacon of hope in the face of pressing teacher shortages.

    Read Case study

    Armed with content and earned PR placements, Mainland ensures the supplemental learning franchise is properly highlighting its unique offering in a challenging marketplace.

    Read Case study


    Resources to help you on your franchise journey

    How to Leverage State-by-State Economic Information for Successful Franchise Growth

    1851 Publisher Nick Powills explains how franchisors and franchisees can tap into ALEC-Laffer’s economic report to make informed decisions about expansion.

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    How To Buy A Franchise

    How To Buy A Franchise:
    In this white paper, we guide you through how to navigate the process of franchise buying.

    download here
    How To Win At Franchise Development Marketing

    Everything you need from the basics of how to tell your brand’s story to how to build a next level franchise development website.

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    The Book Of Franchise Brokers

    The Book Of Franchise Brokers:
    From seasoned veterans to rising stars, these brokers represent a diverse cross-section of the movers and shakers impacting the franchise industry.

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    How To Sell A Franchise

    How To Sell A Franchise:
    Evaluating Your Franchise Assets, Marketing Your Opportunity, Managing the Lead and Setting Growth Goals.

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    Helping you grow, buy, sell with confidence

    Whether buying your first franchise or building your portfolio, 1851 Growth Club will guide you through the buying process with honesty and integrity.

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