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Since 2008, Mainland has worked with franchise brands to:

Strategize franchise growth

Position stories for both consumer and franchise

Amplify reach through: Public Relations, Digital Marketing & our publications

Our team has years of experience positioning technology brands in a number of industries, including personal finance, online shopping, CRM and various restaurant technology brands, from POS to inventory management to online ordering. We can all imagine a world in which robots take over the world (see: Terminator and The Jetsons for inspiration), but in reality, it’s probably not something any of us will see in our lifetimes. While a world with time travel, hoverboards and flying cars is unrealistic (for now), there are plenty of real ways that technology has reshaped the way we live our lives — and will continue to do so for years to come. The common thread across our work for technology brands is an emphasis on the idea that technology will not replace human interaction, but it will augment it. If you can imagine, even in the ‘20s, there are still people and companies that are fearful of and resistant to adopting new technology. But, because our focus as an agency is on telling the stories of the people behind the brands, we can humanize technology in a way that appeals to even the biggest naysayers. Our approach to storytelling for technology brands is the same as with other verticals, but one of the things we do best is staying ahead of potential changes and trends in the industry and quickly readjusting our strategy as the technology evolves.

Strategy & Coaching

How We Help Tech Brands Strategize Growth

Whether your technology is consumer-facing or designed for a b-to-b audience, it’s imperative to hone in on the right target audience and make sure the brand is positioned to resonate with those groups. Who is the decision maker when it comes to investing in your technology? (If you don’t know, we can help!) We’ll dig into the data to identify patterns and insights into your target customer, and then build a strategy on how to reach that customer. We can engage with your brand on strategy to the degree that you need – whether that’s building the strategy, creative and positioning of new product, developing a strategy for digital campaigns to drive conversions or helping identify stories that would be relevant to media outlets that are read by your target audience.

Content Creation

How We Help Tech Brands With Building Content

How do we use people to tell a story about how your services fill a gap in the marketplace? How have your brand ambassadors (whether it’s an owner, technician, service provider or customer) seen success with your services? If you’re launching a new product or service, what was the thought process behind it? We’ll dig deep into your brand to pull out your differentiators to create stories and package them for your target audience. With our 1851 and Estatenvy publications, we have created a platform that provides service brands with a digital newsroom that houses all of a brand’s news, whether it’s relevant for a potential franchisee or consumer audience. It’s not just a place to post content, though; rather it serves as a tool to educate your prospective clients, customers or franchisees about every aspect of the brand – through the perspective of the people behind the brand

How We Help Home Brands With Creative, Social Media & Content Marketing

In order to win, social media and content marketing need to work together – along with other marketing initiatives – with consistent messaging, clear positioning and a strategy to take those messages and apply them to the applicable channels. Having a consistent voice and eye-catching imagery on social media is critical to the success of any brand, but in the tech space, it’s important to not only develop and share content, but to make sure that content is being seen by the target audience, whether that is consumers, clients, potential clients or stakeholders. We also develop strategic digital marketing campaigns to surface our stories in the places the target audience lives, from LinkedIn to Facebook to Google and more. All social media platforms operate differently, and there is no one-size-fits all strategy for how to market your content, but we are constantly working with our clients to:

Ignite a two-way conversation

Too many brands focus on simply shouting brand copy at their audiences. The world is inundated with advertising messages, and the way to cut through the clutter is by sharing content to start a dialogue. No matter the audience, your message is directed at a person – whether that’s a consumer or a potential buyer – and we need to create stories that will resonate and prompt the audience to engage.

Amplify content

Now that we have our stories, we have to get them in front of your target audience. We do that in a number of ways, one of which is pitching the story to relevant industry publications. But that’s just the first step. We leverage all content – owned and earned – to develop digital marketing campaigns that are highly targeted to people who are the most likely to engage, share and convert.


Identifying the audience is the critical first step in content marketing. We have to define our targets before we can build content that speaks to them.


With the knowledge of who our audience is, and the content we want to share with them, we then identify the appropriate channels to deliver our message.


With the audience, message and channels identified, we develop strategic campaigns that make the best use of your budget.


We leverage technology through our publications, 1851 Franchise and Estatenvy, offer a credible third-party platform to house your content.

We know the above isn’t necessarily rocket science, but so few brands (and even fewer agencies) are doing content marketing this way. The cornerstones of our business are strategy, process, results and data – none of which can operate on their own. We use this framework to power our approach to creating impactful campaigns that drive engagement and conversion.

We work with consumer survey, shopping and rewards app Qmee, on creative strategy, creative design, social media content and paid strategy and execution. We build timely, relevant content, including the creation of Qmee’s mascot, Oinq, designed to get the user to engage – whether that’s downloading the app, sharing their earnings or engaging in the Qmee online community.

PR, Digital Marketing, Analytics & Reporting

How We Help Technology Brands
With Franchise Development Marketing

For our tech clients, we develop a strategic public relations plan to secure coverage in the publications that are read by and are important to the relevant industries. We dive deep into the founding story to uncover the “why this brand” and “why now,” as well as find rich human interest stories within the brand. We position company executives as thought leaders on the technology landscape, offering commentary on industry trends and jumping on relevant news stories to provide expert insight. To provide validation, we work with our clients to develop case studies that showcase how a client utilized their technology solutions to the benefit of the business. Every brand is different – and we tailor our PR approach to each brand to ensure that we are positioning the brand properly to resonate with both media and prospective customers.

We developed a strategic PR campaign for Kallpod, an electronic device used by restaurants and hotels to drive incremental revenue and improve operations, about its partnership with a Chick-fil-a franchisee. Our focus was on national media and trade publications to build awareness from potential investors and prospective clients. Our coverage directly led to new partnerships with many multi-unit restaurant brands. A few of our wins:

Atomic Wings in the Houston Chronicle (Circulation: 179,008) (UVPM: 3,081,906)


Layne’s Chicken Fingers Extending Its Boundaries Beyond Texas


Footprints Floors’ Growth Was Years in the Making


New franchisee serves fastest growing population in the CSRA




Pet Wants Continues Franchise Growth, Adds New Products


Beer is This Franchise's Secret to Success

VooDoo Bar & Restaurant News

D.C.'s Toastique picks up pace of nationwide expansion, adds juice cleanses

Toastique Washington Business Journal

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