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Our Why Now is built from our integrated approach, scalable pricing model, and a service delivery unlike any other agency. Ready to stop wasting your budget? Ready for your last agency?

Why Mainland

There are a million agencies out there. Thus, picking the right one becomes more challenging. We have studied, extensively, why brands leave one marketing consultancy and stay with another. We feel as if we have taken the proper steps to nail this. How?

Impactful Talent

We have invested in the operations of our remote model, in our ongoing training, in the implementation of Traction/EOS within our four walls, in our recruiting, and in sustaining talent and creativity.

Innovative Technology

We have built out technology as a central content command center for ourclients. From the connection of APIs (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn) to ease of content distribution, to dialed-in advertising into the content, we are deeply invested in the technology.

Results Focused

We are constantly challenging the results of the previous quarter and year with better, more powerful results. Whether it is more placements or more engagement from social campaigns, each quarter we must challenge the results – just as our clients do.

Mainland Services

At Mainland, we are looking for a forever relationship (Your Last Agency). Thus, our services are very customizable and scalable. Our capabilities are full-service/one-stop as well, giving you the comfort that we can, indeed, connect the communications silos and maximize your budget. Our services span:

1. Strategy & Coaching

In front of every campaign — no matter goal or target — is the question: Why you & why now? This positioning is essential to winning. Thus, at Mainland, we begin with this discovery. This is completed through more in-depth services like Big Idea Brainstorms; Brand Assessment, Persona Study, B-to-B Sales Strategy, B-to-C Marketing Strategy, Monthly Coaching, Data & Analytics Studies.

Within the strategy and amplification process, we have proven that when a campaign is connected across all of your storytelling target points (Website, social, digital, content, PR, and marketing — paid & owned), you have a better chance of impacting the right buyer with the right amount of impressions. Remember: Brands don’t sell brands, people do.

Mainland offers for strategy & consultation:

  • The Big Idea
  • B2B Sales Strategy
  • Brand Assessment
  • Sales Strategy & Coaching
  • FranX & Franchise Growth Mastermind

2. Content Creation

Armed with the why you, why now — we now create the supporting assets: Content; Creative; Video, Social, Web. These assets frame the story and position the brand for winning.

At Mainland, we’re not just writers. We’re also publishers. That means we can take your stories and publish them in one of our custom trade magazines and content marketing platforms alongside best-in-class journalistic reporting on the news and issues affecting specific industries, providing your stories with the same trusted, authoritative voice that has earned each of our publications a wide readership of industry professionals. We’ll work with your team to find the best stories and put them in front of the right audiences.

Additional services include:

  • Video Storytelling Production
  • Creative
  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Web Design & Development

We’re not just writers. We’re also storytellers.

  • Content Marketing & Production
  • White Paper Development
  • Owned & Custom Publications
  • Video Storytelling
  • Creative
  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Web Design & Development

3. PR

This is where our secret sauce gets put into play — media relations. We are confident that our team can book a higher quantity and better quality of press than any other agency. Why? Mainland was built by former journalists who know a crucial secret: Journalists hate publicists. Most agencies also fail to show you a pathway for what to do with your great stories and PR.

Armed with the right owned asset, our media relations team secures earned media coverage to add credibility and build an audience.

Great PR moments should happen around:

  • Signings (shows commitment by investors and can seed the market)
  • Openings (shows that you can get the units open)
  • Milestones (year anniversaries and even resales)
  • Trade/National (to establish credibility)
  • Consumer (Franchisees will want to see the beauty of the consumer story)

How we further support brands with public relations:

  • B2B/B2C Public Relations
  • National Public Relations
  • Local Public Relations
  • Influencer/Blogger Partnerships

4. Digital Marketing

When a story runs, it is only as good as the audience who reads it. Think about how many times you miss the news on TV? Same is true for stories. But when that story is meant to find you – it finds you. We can accelerate it getting to the right interested party through marketing.

Mainland’s team of digital marketing experts will design a campaign that leverages the most applicable digital advertising tools for your campaign to produce the biggest bang for your buck. Through the strategic deployment of Facebook ads, pay-per-click ads, remarketing and SEO, among other resources, we’ll make sure your campaign finds the right audience and stays in front of them. But here’s the kicker: we’ve got an extra tool. Beyond traditional digital advertising resources, Mainland gives you access to AMPD, our proprietary targeting tool that allows us to take any campaign one major step further, beyond the audiences you’re already reaching, by targeting specific personas through strategic digital advertising placements.

We’ll help you market more purposefully to both new and existing audiences.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Remarketing and SEO
  • Access to 1851 AMPD

5. Analytics & Reporting

While we don’t believe campaigns should end (simply continue being built upon), it is important to gain an understanding of what worked and what didn’t. Insights help us improve, as well as help you better understand the ROI on the work we are performing on your behalf.

Maybe your marketing strategy is already working. Maybe it isn’t. Either way, do you know why? Are you sure? Do you know why your opportunity seems to resonate more with audiences in one market than in another? Why do leads tend to come in on one particular day of the week? Why is the same messaging more effective on one platform over another? Do you know what all of these things say about who you are reaching, who you aren’t reaching and what your audience wants from you?

The answers to all of the above questions are in your data. But to reveal them, you need to A) properly collect that data, and B) know how to make sense of it. No easy feat. That’s why Mainland has built a robust digital infrastructure around all of our marketing and communications efforts to gather troves of data, make sense of that data and adjust our strategy accordingly.

We offer a technology dashboard that gives brands a view into owned and paid activities.

  • Google Analytics
  • Monthly Data Reporting
  • Identify and Leverage Trends

Our Story

Mainland was established in 2019, but our story starts more than a decade earlier, when Mainland CEO Nick Powills worked for another PR firm.

After pitching some decidedly forward-thinking ideas to deaf ears, Nick was fed up with the PR world’s refusal to embrace a changing communications landscape. Social media was a fad, his boss told him, and digital publications couldn’t compete with their print counterparts. Nick disagreed. That was Nick’s why.

So, in 2008, Nick struck out on his own and built a small consulting firm called No Limit Media Consulting. Drawing from a career in journalism and public relations, Nick imbued his company with a spirit of innovation and modernization and a dedication to compelling storytelling that continues to drive the business today.

Today, our Why Now is built from our integrated approach, scalable pricing model, and a service delivery unlike any other agency.

Our Core Values

Culture of Respect

Give a Shit

Anything is Possible

Concierge-Level Service

Killer Everything

Meet our Leadership Team

With talent, in our ongoing training, in the implementation of Traction/EOS within our four walls, in our recruiting, and in sustaining talent and creativity.

Nick Powills


Sharon Powills


Lauren Turner

SVP, Account Management

Julie Maw

VP, Account Management

Carson McQuillan

Senior Director, Media Relations

Chad Cohen

SVP, Franchise Development


Before 2020 we had a 50-person office in downtown Chicago. But then things changed. So, we changed. We decided to hire talent where talent was. We expanded our borders which allowed us to scale our team at a different pace and level.

Today, we are 35 people in 20 states!

What Clients are saying

We started with 6 restaurants. We wanted to get the name out there, and we doubled in size in the last two years. We have 12 restaurants right now, we’ll be 15 by the end of the year… and we have 63 restaurants sold."

Samir Wattar

COO, Layne's Chicken Fingers

Hello Mainland, the whole team, really took the time to get to know us, what we were trying to do, find our voice, and is representing us in the way that we want to be represented.”

Guy Coffey

Co-Founder, Frenchies Modern Nail Care

Mainland has helped us grow by making us more famous, simply put…. We’ve seen an explosion of the attention that we’ve gotten, even as a regional brand."

Jonathan Weathington

CEO, Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar

More so than an extension of our team, they are a part of our team…. Whatever goals that we want to obtain, they are there to help us out…. I think that’s what makes it a special relationship. They have a vested interest in the brand."

Mark Mele

CDO, Edible Brands

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