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Here is where media relations — our secret sauce — comes into play.

Armed with the right owned assets, our media relations team secures earned media coverage to add credibility and build audience.

We are confident that our team can book more strong press than any other agency.

Why? Mainland was built by former journalists who know a crucial secret: Journalists hate publicists.

When Mainland was built, it was built on the idea that we could be strong consultants not just to our clients but also to the media. By thinking very carefully about the stories we created and gave to them (not $500 to charity stories), we have established ourselves as essential resources to journalists at a range of outlets. We build our stories around people. We build our stories to be created from interviews, giving journalists something more substantial and compelling to work with.

We have also studied PR value and consistency so that we have a point of view on how to maximize our credibility and that of the brands we represent.

Most agencies fail to show you a pathway for what to do with your great stories and PR. Great, they got you press, but what now? This is our strategy > owned > earned > paid > data model at work.

Here are just some of the ways we earn great press for our brands.



Capital Spring CNBC

Checkers & Rally’s BUSINESS INSIDER

Hand & Stone FORBES

Checkers & Rally’s BLOOMBERG

Wings Zone FORBES


B-to-B Public Relations

No matter how strong your consumer-focused public relations strategy is, it’s important to understand that business-to-business PR is an entirely different animal. Well, maybe not an entirely different animal. If B2C PR is a cat, B2B PR is a tiger. If B2C PR is an orangutan, B2B PR is a baboon. Different species, same family. You get it.

To stand out from other businesses offering a similar product or service, you have to find your niche, identify your key differentiators, and hone in on your target persona. Not only do you have to consider what type of businesses might use your product or service, you also have to know about the decision makers at those companies. Who are they? What are their backgrounds? What gap does this fill in the marketplace, and crucially how does your product or service make their jobs easier?

We can help you answer the above questions. We know it can be difficult to see all facets of your brand in an objective way — it’s your baby, after all. What we bring to the table is years of experience (and fresh eyes) to help brands discover their differentiators, identify their “why us” and determine potential new target audiences before building a comprehensive marketing strategy to get the right stories in front of the right people.

When it comes to telling stories, our agency has a razor-sharp focus on leveraging the people behind the brand. That might mean digging into the founding story of the company, pulling out case studies of companies (and their people) who have used your product or service or positioning the CEO or other executives as thought leaders on a timely topic to relevant trade media outlets that are read by your target customers.

We’ve developed a proven process that helps us develop the right strategy for each brand to tell the right stories to the right people.

B-to-C Public Relations

How many unread emails do you have in your inbox right now? How many emails are awaiting your reply, just as soon as you can find the time? Whatever the number is, it’s a safe bet the reporters at the national magazine you’re hoping to land a story in have it beat. So what are the chances one of those reporters is going to open up an email pitch from a stranger to read all about the great things your brand is doing and follow that through to produce a great story? Slim. Slim, but not zero, which is why most PR agencies treat pitching as a numbers game, sending out as many cold emails to as many reporters and outlets as possible, hoping that at least one fish will take the bait.

At Mainland, we’ve found a better way, one that allows us to build the right story and pitch it to the right reporter at the right news outlet. Our team of PR experts carefully craft media pitches that center around the human beings behind the brands. Because brands don’t sell brands, people do. Many PR professionals blast out a pitch to every reporter at a given outlet, but we do extensive research to determine which reporter is the best fit for our pitch before hitting send.

We build and nurture our media relationships so that our pitches are prioritized and received with eager interest. We learn everything about our media contacts so that we can craft stories that appeal directly to their interests. And when a story just isn’t catching on, we work tirelessly to find a new angle that will resonate.

It’s that mix of relationship building, creative storytelling and persistence that allows us to score wins for our clients in major outlets:

National PR

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque


Home Clean Heroes


Workout Anytime

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque

Influencer/Blogger Partnerships



Home Clean Heroes

How we further support brands with public relations

  • We build a detailed and customized PR plan for each story.
  • We build a robust media list of all potential reporters and outlets.
  • We get creative to find non-traditional media with large audiences.
  • We build relationships and do our research to ensure we’re always talking to the right journalist.
  • We pitch stories that focus on human interest stories to drive interest from the media.
  • We never spam. We leverage relationships to pitch targeted stories that journalists want to read.
  • We stay on top of the news cycle so that we can effectively insert our clients into the news of the day.
  • We offer crisis management.
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