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Integrating content, marketing, advertising and data into a complete solution for brands to manage its stories. Users are driven into a research hub that showcases storytelling for all stages of the funnel.



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How the Publications work

The way people research opportunities has changed, and your website simply isn’t enough anymore. Prospects are looking for third party validation that they can count on to help them narrow down their options and eventually make the right decision. Thus, we built a publication that brings readers in and helps them research the right brand for them through our Main Site & Brand Page experience.


How the Main Site Works

On our main site, we create unpaid editorial that fits into the form of a magazine. Readers are given daily content (more than other publications) focused on their respected industry. Each month, we create a focus for main site content – trying to answer questions about the industry. While a digital publication, we still create cover stories to access the networks of influencers. The content created is designed to impact all levels of the funnel.

  • People: Stories about influencers and entrepreneurs
  • Profiles and opportunity research content
  • Industry: News (both original and aggregated) about the industry
  • Awards: Young Ones to Watch, Legal Players, Franchise Development Players, Influencers, Website Awards

How the Brand Pages Work

Within brand footprints, on the front end, we have created a complete brand newsroom solution that integrates content, marketing, advertising and data into a complete solution for brands to manage their stories. Users are driven into a research hub that showcases storytelling for all stages of the funnel – introduce the brand to new candidates, provide a depository of content about your brand for active prospects, answer prospect concerns with counter content, highlight your people, celebrate your news, and, most importantly, answer the why you, why now on a consistent basis.

  • Awareness: Industry, why you/why now, timely stories, aggregated content
  • Consideration: Counter content and market stories
  • Inquiry: profiles and research on time to open
  • Candidate: Growth goals and expansion plans
  • Owner: Signings, openings and milestones

Hello by Mainland Solution

One platform to run all of your digital marketing! Simply put, our publications and digital marketing solution are geared at helping you gain lift. You have growth goals, but have you bridged your marketing deployment to maximize reach to your targeted audience? We help you identify your ideal targets, define your why you/why now (your clear positioning), deploy that messaging to that identified audience, measure the effectiveness – and adjust.

Everything is fluid – meaning, you can use it as much or as little as you want. If you want more content, you can scale up – if you want less content, you can scale down. If you want to enhance your reach, you spend more; if a campaign doesn’t work, you slow down the spend.

Building your buzz factory

We will take your brand on a storytelling journey that takes your why you/why now and amplifies it to the right people in the right markets. Through technology, we give you a branded marketing experience unlike anything else out there. How?

We Find the Right People in the Right Market

We Introduce Them to Franchising
We Introduce Them to Your Brand
We Amplify Your Story to Reach Similar Prospects
We Analyze the Data to Inform Strategy

what you get

Custom Landing Page

On the front end of the magazine, we focus on bringing in qualified, focused readers into the funnel. We do this through unpaid editorial that covers the complete industry. Then, we guide them to your brand.

Custom Content

Then, we start to build your why you/why now through content, video, research and aggregated media coverage. Your active newsroom will give your brand audience news and information designed to motivate them as they become comfortable with the idea of working with your brand.

Aggregated Content

A branded newsroom would not be complete without other stories created by journalists. We aggregate important news from other media sources. This is valuable for a few reasons. First, we can link directly to your site, thus, when we amplify the story, we can guide the user directly to the next step – inquiry. Second, this extends your credibility. Third, we can add to existing press coverage – a quote, video, update. We can also take articles you wish you would have been included in, and add you to the story.


Then, armed with great content, we identify your target personas and target markets and amplify your content through Google, Retargeting, Facebook and LinkedIn. This builds excitement with your ideal audience.

CRM Integration

Then, we integrate into your sales process. This could be drip campaigns, counter content, marketing collateral, or as simple as your own internal magazine (the newsletter of today).

Social Distribution

The, we tap into your brand’s distribution sources to increase the readership of your content. This could be shared on your Facebook or LinkedIn pages, or, even on your Website through our news widget tool.

Real Time Analytics

And then comes arguably the most important features – data. Through measurement and data, we can get a sense of what content has the highest engagement, what demographics are engaging with the content, where they are, what days they read your content and more. And then, we give you AMPD data through our API integration with Google, LinkedIn and Facebook – for real time data on your ad campaigns (in addition to the monthly reporting feature).

Strategic Account Manager

Most tech platforms stop there. We didn’t. We integrated humans back into the process. Why? Business development is tough, thus, we want to make sure you are armed with someone to help you identify your goals and create action plans to help you solve them. And then, we build velocity – spreading your story around the Web so that targets can find your why you/why now, use your content for getting-comfortable, and engagement/act on your brand goals.
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