Mainland Engineers Exceptional Media Presence for Ed-Tech Pioneer Elevate K-12

Mainland’s incisive PR strategy and media outreach crafts a compelling narrative for Elevate K-12, spotlighting the brand as a beacon of hope in the face of pressing teacher shortages.

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    Elevate K-12 is a Chicago-based instructional services company that brings high-quality live-streamed teaching to K-12 classrooms. Schools and districts partner with Elevate K-12 to solve their teacher shortage challenges and provide effective and engaging instruction to their students. Its tech-enabled service was built for K-12 education and is powered by certified, qualified teachers using state-aligned curriculums. Elevate K-12 is rapidly expanding throughout the U.S., providing equity in education nationwide.


    While Elevate K-12 had been operational prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the unprecedented scenario exacerbated the challenge they aimed to solve — facilitating quality education in classrooms grappling with teacher shortages. The emerging discourse around the future of virtual education needed a powerful voice, and Elevate K-12 aimed to be at the forefront of this conversation, targeting school districts, teachers and superintendents. They just needed a way to get their story out there.

    Mainland was connected with Elevate K-12 through a mutual collaboration with Sylvan Learning, the early education and child care franchise and a long-time Mainland client. Although Elevate K-12 wasn’t a franchise — the usual clientele for Mainland — it was clear that Mainland could be an excellent partner in B2B storytelling and marketing solutions.


    Mainland crafted a compelling narrative for Elevate K-12, positioning the company as a thought-leader in a burgeoning ed-tech sector. This narrative focused on the Elevate K-12 offering as the optimal solution for the contemporary teacher shortage, for example, especially amid external pressures such as inadequate compensation and the pandemic-induced challenges facing the teaching profession. The goal was to reach superintendents and school districts who were struggling to keep up with the changing marketplace.

    Emblematic of Mainland’s approach, a cascade of prestigious media placements ensued. Recent examples include:

    Overall, the strategic media outreach saw Elevate K-12’s CEO and founder Shaily Baranwal articulating the brand’s vision and further positioning it as a truly forward-thinking ed-tech company.


    Mainland’s masterful strategy culminated in an impressive year for Elevate K-12 in 2022. The statistics speak volumes: 34 interviews and a staggering 20 secured media placements. Translated to numbers, the PR Value amounted to an impressive $369,600, supplemented with an Ad Value of $105,600.


    Mainland’s ability to recognize and harness Elevate K-12’s unique proposition amidst a dynamic educational landscape was paramount. By weaving a story that not only highlighted the ed-tech startup’s solution but also resonated with the pressing needs of school districts, Mainland cemented Elevate K-12 as a thought leader in the realm of virtual education.

    “Mainland’s strategic media outreach has been instrumental in amplifying our voice in a competitive market,” said Baranwal. “Their expertise in crafting and promoting our narrative has ensured we’re not just seen, but truly heard and considered as the future of education. Their partnership has been invaluable in shaping our growth trajectory.”

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