Mainland’s Comprehensive Strategy Powers Lightbridge Academy’s Franchise Development

Through a blend of content marketing, PR, digital initiatives and strategic consultation, Mainland rejuvenates Lightbridge Academy’s franchise momentum, placing them at the forefront of early education and child care franchising.

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    Founded in 1997, Lightbridge Academy is an Iselin, New Jersey-based franchise that provides early education and child care to children ages six weeks through kindergarten, as well as special programming for children up to 10 years old.

    The company franchised in 2011 to expand their distinctive concept throughout the Mid-Atlantic region; it currently has over 135+ child care centers either open, under construction or in development throughout Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia. It is now one of the fastest-growing early education child care center franchise opportunities in the U.S.


    When Lightbridge Academy first reached out to Mainland in 2017, the brand was just kicking off its franchise development. In the face of an evolving digital landscape, the LBA brand story needed a refreshed narrative and a multifaceted strategy to tap into potential franchisees and reinforce their value proposition in the market. Partnering with Mainland, they embarked on a transformative, multi-year journey, harnessing the expansive toolkit of digital strategies, content marketing, PR outreach and consultative insights.


    Over the past six years, Mainland has initiated a comprehensive approach to help Lightbridge Academy optimize franchise development and tell the right story. This includes:

    • Content Marketing: Lightbridge Academy has consistently been publishing several stories monthly on the 1851 Franchise platform, which acts as the brand’s comprehensive online newsroom. These narratives encapsulate a broad spectrum — from announcements of new locations to franchisee testimonials, insights into target markets and shedding light on executive viewpoints.
    • Digital Revamp & Social Media: Mainland spearheaded the development of Lightbridge Academy’s franchise development website. This was complemented by a dedicated multi-unit landing page, ensuring a seamless user experience and targeted messaging for potential franchisees. Mainland also crafted a tailored social media marketing strategy.
    • PR: Mainland has also helped amplify Lightbridge Academy’s voice through PR initiatives. 2022 saw the brand bring in 47 interviews and 30 secured media placements, equating to a PR value of $926,600 and an ad value of $438,500. Notable recent placements include a “Women in the Workforce” feature in The Wall Street Journal, expert insight on staffing shortages for Franchise Times and an EOY wrap up interview on Franchise Marketing Radio.
    • Consultation: Beyond just marketing tactics, Mainland provided strategic consultation, guiding Lightbridge Academy in navigating the intricacies of franchise development.


    The infusion of these strategies has ushered in an impressive track record for Lightbridge Academy. The brand’s franchise development has seen a significant uptick in recent years, with 27 units sold in 2022 as it entered new markets such as Michigan, Ohio and Texas and continued to grow in existing Mid-Atlantic markets like North Carolina and Florida — a record-breaking year all together. Online lead generation has also surged, which is testament to the efficacy of the content and digital strategy deployed by Mainland.


    Mainland’s prowess lay not just in implementing individual strategies but in orchestrating them harmoniously. Recognizing Lightbridge Academy’s unique challenges, Mainland’s approach was holistic, ensuring every facet, from content to consultation, worked in tandem to drive results over several years.

    “Our partnership with Mainland has been transformative,” said Gigi Schweikert, CEO of Lightbridge Academy. “Their insights, combined with their adeptness at digital and content marketing, has played a huge role in our franchise development trajectory.”

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