Christmas Decor Leverages ESTATENVY to Create Content Marketing Solution for Franchise Owners

With very little resources for franchisees to position their stories to consumers, Christmas Decor franchisees use ESTATENVY to position and message their stories, building excitement in customers before they inquire.

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    Founded in 1986, Christmas Decor is the leading holiday decorating brand in the U.S. and Canada. With over 300 locations across North America, the brand has become a staple in countless communities, streamlining the holiday decorating process for residential and commercial clients who either cannot or do not want to manage decorating themselves. With a full-circle process, Christmas Decor provides design mockups ahead of time, installs and maintains lights and other displays throughout the holiday season, and removes them when the season is done, completely taking the responsibility off the plate of the home or business owner and boosting cheer for residents throughout the town.


    While Christmas Decor has a highly competitive business model, boasting double-digit revenue increases year-over-year for over a decade straight, searching “Christmas Decor” in any major search engine yields results including big-box hardware stores, home stores and other retailers that sell do-it-yourself decor supplies.

    Christmas Decor franchisees were struggling to boost visibility, relying primarily on word-of-mouth business or awareness gained thanks to branded vehicles. Local owners needed a way to become a part of the small-town conversation without having to compete so directly with giant national retailers.


    To create space for Christmas Decor owners in local conversation, Mainland built a space where customers could find both general content about the brand as a whole as well as localized content regarding each individual owner.


    Now, Christmas Decor owners have access to content hubs that serve to create traction with prospective customers. Since launching in preparation for the 2023 holiday season, Christmas Decor stands up five content hubs across ESTATENVY, with pages for the brand as a whole and four unique franchisees, to tell their stories and has access to reporting tools to track clickthrough into their website.


    Mainland built 1851 Franchise, the industry’s leading franchise publication, with the purpose of educating franchisees and franchisors. Brand-specific newsrooms give prospective buyers and current owners a depth of information and storytelling that allows them to connect more deeply with the brand.

    “In the franchise buyer journey, there is a 6.4 month period from impression to inquiry,” said Mainland CEO Nick Powills. “The prospects are reading and absorbing as much as they can, so we needed to create a hub for them to feel comfortable.”

    However, from a consumer standpoint, content that clearly states it is franchise-oriented does not feel welcoming or applicable.

    Thus, Mainland launched ESTATENVY to showcase everything “home,” providing a solution for home services brands to tell their stories in a way that caters to prospective customers.

    “With home services, the decision is much faster, and it comes down to who the buyer is most excited about,” added Powills. “With ESTATENVY, we leverage the philosophical points of PR to get the buyer excited.”

    Incorporated in Christmas Decor’s ESTATENVY content is a list of rich SEO terms to boost visibility among searchers of “Christmas Decor” as well as those who may be looking for related topics such as:

    • Christmas Decor
    • Christmas decorating
    • Christmas decorations
    • Professional holiday decorating
    • Holiday decorating service
    • Interior holiday decorating service
    • Christmas decorator
    • Residential Christmas decorating service
    • Professional Christmas tree decorators

    By making Christmas Decor owners, their stories and their services more accessible to the potential consumer, Mainland is shortening the sales cycle and giving local owners a fighting chance to get in front of their customers organically.

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