Mainland’s Decade-Long PR Mastery Elevates Right at Home to New Heights

Mainland’s consistent and versatile PR approach showcases Right at Home as both an industry-leading franchise opportunity and a thought leader in the realm of senior caregiving.

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    Founded in 1995, Right at Home offers in-home care to seniors and adults with disabilities who want to live independently. Most Right at Home offices are independently owned and operated and directly employ and supervise all caregiving staff. Right at Home’s global office is based in Omaha, Nebraska, with more than 700 franchise locations in the U.S. and five other countries.


    Upon partnering with Mainland, Right at Home’s objective was simply to boost franchise development and enrich its brand visibility for prospective owners. As their trust in Mainland solidified, the partnership expanded to include consumer press, as well. This required Mainland to delicately balance franchise development communications with lifestyle-oriented consumer press narratives. Today, Right at Home has shared an enduring alliance with Mainland for over 11 years.


    In order to create the ultimate impact for brands, Mainland acts as everything from a full-service agency to consultancy and technology leader, leveraging several PR, content and data tools, as well as publications, to create engagement with candidates at all parts of the funnel.

    For Right at Home, Mainland embraced this multi-dimensional challenge with zeal. On the franchise front, every significant event, from signings to openings and transfers, was celebrated with a tailored media outreach, ensuring consistent visibility.

    On the consumer front, Mainland expertly positioned Right at Home as a source of thought leadership in the senior care industry. This year’s media placements, for example, range from covering topics like Parkinson’s awareness to National Caregivers Day, senior travel tips and mental health awareness. One of this year’s biggest national PR hits came in The Wall Street Journal, where an 81-year-old Right at Home caregiver was interviewed about her experience working for the brand.

    All of these placements provided crucial insights to the general public, portraying Right at Home as not just a senior care franchise but a brand deeply invested in the holistic well-being of all seniors.

    Right at Home has also engaged with Mainland on the content marketing side, leveraging 1851 Franchise as a full-on brand newsroom to tell compelling stories to prospective franchise owners. Recent articles include:


    Over the years, Mainland’s relentless efforts have consistently yielded over a hundred secured placements annually for Right at Home. These results not only amplify the brand’s franchise potential but also reinforce its stature as an emblem of trust and authority in senior care.

    In 2022 alone, Right at Home saw 106 interviews and 75 secured media placements thanks to Mainland, equating to a whopping PR value of $1,328,500 and an ad value of $395,000.


    Over the span of a decade, Mainland’s adaptable and multifaceted PR strategy seamlessly balanced franchise development and consumer narratives for Right at Home. By discerning the evolving needs of Right at Home and the changing media landscape, Mainland assured that the brand remained a leader in its domain.

    “Mainland has been our PR compass for over a decade,” said Brady Schwab, Chief Growth Officer at Right at Home. “Their ability to craft poignant narratives, whether for our franchise endeavors or consumer engagements, has been unparalleled. Their insights and strategies have indelibly shaped our brand’s journey, and we envision many more years of this fruitful collaboration.”

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