Mainland’s Stellar Strategy Boosts Franchise Growth for Latin American Chicken Brand Pollo Campero

Mainland’s comprehensive franchise assessment and holistic marketing strategy revived the chicken franchise’s development momentum, propelling the brand’s presence in targeted markets and significantly driving franchisee interest.

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    Pollo Campero started in Guatemala in 1971, and now 50 years later, its dedication to high quality and flavorful chicken recipes hasn’t changed. Now, 20 years after successfully launching in the U.S. and building primarily corporate restaurants, Pollo Campero has proven its concept works, and demand for its food is larger than ever. Although the brand was primarily focused on South American growth in the past, recent years have seen a newfound mission to fully expand across the U.S.


    Despite its longstanding history and flavorful offerings, the brand confronted a period of stagnation in its franchise development growth. The beloved consumer reputation of the brand in South America was not translating to entrepreneurs in the states. Enter Mainland — the marketing company with a proven track record in transforming brands’ franchise appeal.

    Pollo Campero’s primary challenge lay in articulating the brand’s value proposition to potential franchisees. The brand lacked the necessary messaging to resonate with franchisee prospects, specifically, answering the critical questions of “Why You?/Why Now?” In 2020, Pollo Campero sought Mainland’s expertise to breathe life into its stagnant franchise growth.

    In order to create the ultimate impact for brands, Mainland acts as everything from a full-service agency to consultancy and technology leader, leveraging several PR, content and data tools, as well as publications, to create engagement with candidates at all parts of the funnel.


    Mainland initiated the Pollo Campero engagement with a rigorous franchise assessment, culminating in a detailed, omni-channel strategy addressing the franchise pain points, ideal franchisee demographics, current consumer brand positioning and franchise development positioning, current development metrics, marketing budget, FDD, validation process, discovery day process and much, much more.

    Armed with this data, Mainland got to work. From optimizing the brand’s website to launching its dedicated page on 1851 Franchise, Mainland ensured Pollo Campero’s franchise-facing content effectively spotlighted the brand’s advantages and opportunities. For example, recent stories include:

    Mainland has also helped Pollo Campero develop its mobile Road Show Discovery Days, where the leadership team visits key markets nationwide to host a Discovery Day experience and further decrease barriers to entry.

    A unique touch to the collaboration was Mainland’s involvement in lead qualification. Managing and vetting inquiries on behalf of Pollo Campero, Mainland became a crucial conduit in connecting the brand with potential franchise owners.

    Further bolstering Pollo Campero’s market presence, Mainland’s PR strategy secured significant media placements in renowned outlets, such as:

    This focused PR and content-driven approach emphasized Pollo Campero’s growth intentions in specific markets, supplemented by strategic digital campaigns and e-blasts along the way.


    Overall, Mainland’s efforts bore tangible fruits for Pollo Campero. 2022 alone witnessed 34 interviews and 24 secured media placements for the brand. Translating this media success into monetary terms, Pollo Campero benefitted from a PR Value of $509,600 and an Ad Value of $145,600. Mainland’s consistent content strategy delivered 42 brand stories on the 1851 Franchise platform.

    Most critically, Pollo Campero’s franchisee lead pipeline transformed from a trickle to a robust flow, culminating in signed franchise deals.


    Mainland’s holistic approach, which spanned from meticulous brand assessment to proactive PR strategies, was the linchpin behind Pollo Campero’s rejuvenated franchise growth. By pinpointing the brand’s unique selling propositions and ensuring these resonate with potential franchisees, Mainland reinvigorated Pollo Campero’s market presence.

    “Mainland’s interventions were pivotal in redefining our franchise growth narrative,” said Blas  Escarcega, Director of Franchising. “From media placements to insightful content, their strategies have injected fresh enthusiasm among potential franchisees. We are now on a clear trajectory of growth, with Mainland as a trusted partner in our journey.”

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