How Concrete Craft Boosted Its Franchise Development Site Traffic by Partnering with Mainland

The decorative concrete franchise has partnered with franchisees to grow its national footprint, thanks to a strategic content marketing strategy and AMPD campaign from Mainland.

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    Concrete Craft’s story began in 2006, when co-founders John Kostro and Dan Lightner discovered that homeowners were tired of the boring, gray concrete around most pools in the Atlanta area. Kostro and Lightner decided to bring artful concrete resurfacing to customers’ pool decks, walkways, driveways, patios and more with their company, All American Decorative Concrete. In 2015 Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) saw the enormous potential in the customized concrete marketplace and bought All American Decorative Concrete, which had five existing franchise locations in the United States, and rebranded to Concrete Craft.

    Today, Concrete Craft falls under the umbrella of parent company JM Family Enterprises, which acquired HFC in 2019. Thanks to this acquisition, Concrete Craft is the only decorative concrete franchise system backed by a large international company, with over 60 territories open in the United States and Canada and plenty of competitive territories still available for franchising.


    Since launching its franchise opportunity in 2015, Concrete Craft has gone on to experience moderate growth across the country. But, as a company operating in an emerging niche category, Concrete Craft needed support to effectively illustrate its well-positioned business model and low-cost opportunity to prospective buyers in specific target markets primed for growth.


    To reach prospective franchisees, we produced a series of monthly 1851 content that speaks to every aspect of the Concrete Craft franchise opportunity and developed the strategy and execution of AMPD campaigns to get the content in front of the right audiences.

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and created an increased demand for home improvement services, Concrete Craft’s franchise opportunity became more relevant than ever, especially as more people decided to exit corporate America and secure their own careers working for themselves. Mainland made sure to emphasize this point throughout 2020, including several 1851 stories that highlighted the brand’s franchise growth and record-breaking sales.


    Our strategy drove hundreds of qualified leads to Concrete Craft’s franchise development website. Mainland ran one AMPD campaign for the brand between September and October of 2020. According to the brand’s franchise development website report, traffic saw a 160% increase in users and a 140% increase in sessions during that month, all based in target markets that were featured on 1851 stories.


    With the wave of prospect-engaging content, Concrete Craft has effectively boosted its audience in strategic target markets and generated significant franchisee interest.

    “These numbers show how much one AMPD campaign can help drive prospective franchisee interest,” said Cassidy McAloon, account director at Mainland. “Through our AMPD campaign, we were able to boost content that showed Concrete Craft was looking to expand in the Southeast specifically. By tracking the analytics of that campaign, we can see that users from Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee were all heading to the brand’s franchise development website in high numbers during the month that the AMPD campaign was running.”

    In 2020, Concrete Craft grew 400% above its sales goal and welcomed an additional 46 franchisees to the family. Now, coming off a record-breaking year and a strategic content marketing campaign from Mainland, it looks like Concrete Craft will continue the momentum in 2021.

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    Rocket Fuel for Your Brand's Growth

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